How can we help your dental practice?

We have helped thousands of dentists nationwide capture millions of dollars in lost or untapped revenue.  Our systems allow you to make data-driven decisions to quickly recover your revenue, time, and peace of mind.  We use analytics to give you the whole picture.

  • No Setup Fees
  • Case Not Accepted Unless ROI is Possible
  • Proven Results (over $92M and counting)

What We Do For You

Confidence In Your Fees

Your fees, your market. Customized fees based on your data, not a generic list.

Network Identification For Simplicity

Know what carrier networks you are in.

Reduce Your Write-Offs With Network Alignment

The most vital tool—understand how to maximize TPA, Direct, and Leased Networks in YOUR practice.

Network Reimbursement Modeling--Focus On The Practice While We Untangle The Reimbursements

Understand where those leased and TPA networks are paying you and if better alignment exists.

Let Us Take This Off You And Your Staff--Correspondence Letters & Compliance Tracking

Correspondence follow-thru and tracking to make sure the carriers are compliant with the contracts.

Protect Your Patient Base

Proven tools to help transition and guide offices through the changes while retaining the patient base.

Market News--Stop Going At It Alone

Access to market and industry news to keep you in front of market changes.

Let Us Save You Time

Our process expedites your ROI by 80%!

Is Your Practice Profitable?


We’ve helped 500+ dental practices uncover more than
$92 million in untapped revenue.




Data Visualizations for Historical and Forecasted Profitability



Customized Analytics for Data Driven Decisions and Actions



Collaborate with Team Via Messaging and Notifications



Upload Vital Documents to Ensure Ongoing Revenue Growth and Modeling